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Foreign Trade Salesman

Job Responsibilities:

1. Contact and develop foreign potential customers by phone, email or social media software.
2. Quotation and follow-up of customer inquiries, make PI and release production orders, follow up customer's after-sales service, maintain new and old customers, and increase the repurchase rate.
3. Responsible for establishing and managing customer files and updating and maintaining them in a timely manner.
4. Responsible for handling customer return and exchange requests.
5. Responsible for completing the business goals customized by the company and superior leaders.

6. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above in business English, international economics and trade, marketing, etc., 1-3 years of foreign trade sales experience is preferred.
2. CET-4 or above, able to communicate and maintain with customers through chat software, and negotiate in standard English. Strong oral expression skills, strong business awareness and negotiation skills, confidence and patience, and able to efficiently gain customer trust.
3. Have a strong sense of service, enterprising spirit, and strong ability to resist pressure and setbacks.
4. Serious work, with a sense of responsibility and hard-working team spirit, positive work style.
5. Good communication skills, strong planning skills, organization and coordination skills and word processing skills.
6. Proficient in computer daily office operations, familiar with foreign trade business platform operations.

7. Experience in foreign trade in LED advertising signs and LED lighting industry is preferred.

Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the company's overall sales strategy, expand major customers in the global region, manage and maintain customer relationships, and promote long-term strategic cooperation.
2. Responsible for customer development and maintenance, product promotion and market expansion in overseas markets.
3. According to the marketing plan, lead the department to complete the sales target and order delivery.
4. Complete each stage of the sales plan and formulate sales goals according to the company's requirements.
5. Promote the product department to summarize the project in a timely manner, combine the opinions and suggestions of major customers, and promote internal improvement to improve customer satisfaction.
6. Be able to do market research and competitor analysis regularly, and effectively assist in converting the information from various searches into the company's marketing strategy.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, majors in marketing, international trade, English, and electronics are preferred.
2. Have strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, CET-4 and above, those who know a second foreign language are preferred.
3. Familiar with the market conditions of LED signs and lighting products, have certain customer resources, and have more than 3 years of international sales experience in the LED industry.
4. Good at overseas market promotion and channel construction, key customer development and relationship maintenance. Understand industry trends, competitors and customer purchases.
5. Familiar with the operation process of foreign trade business and relevant laws and regulations, and have solid professional knowledge of foreign trade.
6. Keen market insight, flexible and novel customer public relations capabilities, strong adaptability and the ability to independently develop the market.
7. Be able to effectively organize and utilize resources, systematically and comprehensively carry out customer public relations; be good at handling and maintaining customer relationships.

8. Positive and optimistic, have the courage to challenge, have a strong enterprising spirit, and have a strong ability to withstand pressure.

Foreign Trade Sales Assistant 

(Key account sales assistant, Foreign trade sales assistant, Overseas sales assistant)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the foreign trade salesman to follow up and process the follow-up business of the order.
2. Make foreign trade documents, handle customer inquiries, and organize and file.
3. Responsible for overseas customer orders, sample order arrangements and follow-up.
4. It is necessary to report the order situation to the superior regularly, and report the bottleneck problem from time to time to achieve the smooth delivery of the order.
5. Collect market product information, customer needs and competitors' market strategies and other information, implement and implement the company's overseas market strategies, and assist the sales department to maintain cooperative relationships with old customers.
6. Other work arranged by the superior leadership.

Job Requirements:

1. Smart and eager to learn, lively and cheerful personality.
2. Have a strong sense of work responsibility, excellent language skills and communication and coordination skills.
3. Have a strong sense of work enthusiasm and active service.

4. College degree or above, CET-4 or above is preferred.


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